Solar Power Plant

OFF GRID SOLAR POWER SOLUTION ( From 1 KW to 100 KW- Single & Three Phase output )

This consists of Solar PV Panels, Hybrid Solar Inverter , batteries, Mounting structures and other accessories. Solar PV will convert the Sun energy to Electrical energy. Inbuilt Advanced MPPT Charge controller in the Hybrid inverter will convert the uncontrolled DC into Constant DC to charge the batteries and to feed to Inverter. Hybrid inverter will take power from Solar on priority and monitors the state of battery voltage, solar power output and the loads. This overcomes frequent battery charging and discharging which results in poor efficiency. It gives you the flexibility and ensures that batteries are always available to take the load.

RADIANZ State of the art off grid solutions employs high efficiency world class Poly/ Mono crystalline panels,


A “Grid- tie” Solar system is one that ties into the power grid, pulling electricity from the grid when then pushing excess electricity back into grid when the local customer is not using the full capacity being generated by PV Panels. Since these system is tied to the grid, it follows the safety feature of disconnecting the system from the grid when grid goes down. This system does not provide backup power during power cuts ( even if sun is shining). But for the sites with reliable grid power and the day time usage are high, this is usually logical and economically viable system choice.


The working of the hybrid (solar+ grid) battery based system is depicted in the picture below. The brief working of the system and key features are as follows:

  • The Solar Panels generate power and charges the batteries via the Inverter which regulates the charging. Excess solar power generated is diverted towards the loads via the inverter thus reducing EB power consumption during the day.
  • The inverter converts DC power (solar and batteries) to AC power and feeds the loads (lighting load) which are connected to the inverter.
  • The inverter sources power from both the grid and solar, but gives priority for Solar power over the grid.
  • In the event of a grid failure, the inverter sources full power from the batteries for the load connected

  • State/Policy framework : Clear cut education Guidelines with Pros and Cons of each state level and Central Solar power generation policy
  • Project highlights: High level overview of the Solar PV, Solar Thermal project including project budget, equity, debt, ROI
  • DPR: Detailed project report Includes nitty gritty details of project technology behind every solution
  • Application Processes: Detailed explanation of Government policies of each state and Central Government including forthcoming opportunities
  • Project Budgeting: Clear marked expenses and cost on time scale related to project advancements
  • EPC services: From the market, RADIANZ helps clients finding right EPC services to match budget and project needs as contractor or as shared equity investor
  • Project maintenance and payment channel set up: Detailing how to maintain project efficiency and on time payment schedule from Government