Faq : Solar Water Pump


1. What is a Solar Photovoltaic ( SPV ) water pump ?
A solar PV Water Pump consists of a Photovoltaic array mounted on a stand, and motor pump set compatible with the photovoltaic array: As the sun’s rays falls on the solar module D.C electricity is generated and is used to run a D.C motor pump set or an A.C motor pump set. AC motor requires an inverter.

2. What are the different types of solar pumps ?
The different types of pumps are :
(a) D.C. surface centrifugal pumpset
(b) D.C. submersible pumpset
(c) D.C. floating pumpset
(d) A.C. submersible pumpset
(e) Any other type of motor – pump set, as approved by MNRE

3. What are the advantages of solar pumps ?
Solar pumps operate on solar energy available free with nature, and thus save expenditure on diesel or electricity.

  • The cost of operation and maintenance of solar pumps is negligible
  • Useful for water pumping in remote areas without grid power.

4. What are the capacities at which solar water pumps are available and what is the average discharge ?
Solar Water Pump are available with a Photovoltaic array capacity upto 3000 Watts (2 hp). The capacity of the PV array (Watts) and the pump (hp) will be decided based on the depth of water table at site and the quantity of water required for use. The average discharge rate that can be obtained for different capacities are given below

Type Capacity Water level depth Discharge rate / day litres
DC Surface 900 Wp – 1 HP 14 m 75,000
1800 WP – 2 HP 14 m 1,40,000
AC Submersible 1800 WP – 0.75 HP 50 m 50,000

Discharge from the pumps will vary depending upon the intensity of the sun rays from morning till evening. It would be maximum around noon time and if the depth of water table is low.

5. How much area can a system irrigate ?
Solar water pumps of 900 Wp capacity, can irrigate the following extent of land for different crops

Crops Irrigation method Critical command area in ha
Nursery, Chillies, Sorghum, Groundnut Surface 1
Garlics, Groundnut, Cucumber, Grapes Sprinkler & Drip 2
Lemon Drip 5.0I