About Us

Tired of paying high electricity bill ?

Looking for a break without too much risk ?

Are you looking for clean, cheap and credible alternative to manage your energy requirements, at office, industry or home.

Join with us- To harvest SOLAR Energy to the maximum

Now on, You will wish it be a Sunny day every day. RADIANZ will ensure that the lights don’t go off ever again

To get enlightened on the greatness of renewable energy sources like solar energy, power generated from what is deemed as waste, gas, etc., and lighten your concern for assured power supply Radianz has effective solutions.

The importance and imperativeness of solar energy as a reliable source of power is being understood more and more and the search for dependable and economical solutions has begun.

Were it not for the elegance, proficiency and mostly economical reasons, this quest for solar power would have been just in embersnow. The transformation of intent into effort began a few years ago at Radianz as a result of the company has custom-made equipment and services for customers, big or small, industry or home, across a wide range of energy sources like waste treatment and solar plants.

You tell us your the size and nature of requirements, we will name the solution for you. Cost should not bother you as the right investment at the right time will fetch you huge tangible benefits. Day lighting solutions are also available with Radianz.